PK-Fishing services (PK-kalamatkat)
+358 500 860032
PK-Fishing services offers fishing- and boating experiences in Lake Saimaa area.
When fishing in Finland, you need to have following licences (excluding ice fishing and angling with hook and line):
1.    A general fishing management fee (valtion kalastuksenhoitomaksu).
(Fishing management fee may be paid for a calendar year or seven days. The fee for the calendar year is 22 euros and it is valid until 31 December.
The seven-day fee is 7 euros and it is valid for seven days from the date of payment or other date given in the receipt.)
2.    Provincial lure fishing fee (29€/year or 7€ /week) (läänikohtainen kalastukenhoitomaksu) or fishing licence (kalaveden omistajan lupa)
(Provincial lure fishing fee gives a general right for fishing within a certain province with one rod, reel and lure. Provincial lure fishing fee can be paid to the following bank account:
Province of Eastern Finland: 166030-106610. The provincial lure fishing fee is 29 euros for a calendar year and 7 euros for the seven-day period. 
Fishing with nets or traps requires always the permission of the owner of the water areas.)

Special area for fishing salmon:
Samusenlahti, for fishing salmon (address: Sairalanmäentie, Juva)
Prices 10 €/24hours/2 salmonid, 7€/2 hours / 1 salmonid
Licences you can buy from:
* Sportia, Juvan Urheilukeskus, Juvantie 16,   +358 15 452 845
* Seo / Pappilanjoen Unska, Partalantie 2,   +358 500 207 657
* Antero Kaasinen   + 358 400 753 087                       

Rävykoski, for fishing brown trout (address: near to Siikakoskentie 675)
Prices: 42€ /week/3 salmonid, 12€ /24 hours/ 3 salmonid, 7€ /6hours/ 1 salmonid,
Payment: Bank account 508844-2644 (Juvan Osuuspankki), receiver: Siikakosken virkistyskalastusalue.
Mark the starting time, the duration  and the owner for the licence on the receipt. 


The Squirrel Route (Oravareitti) is a 57 kilometers long canoeing route which runs between Juva and Sulkava. The route is also suitable to family outings and it is the first biologically studied Finnish aquatic nature trail marked with information boards.
You can choose also a shorter route. The starting point for the route is at Juva Camping. From Juva Camping you can also hire equipments.
More info for Squirrel Route you find from here:


Vehmaa stable (Hevostalli Vehmaa)
Address: Pieksämäentie 770, 51900 Juva
+358 50 338 9944

Kaipainen stable (Kaipaisen talli)
Address: Rasalantie 56, 51890 Risulahti
+358 40 834 6559, +358 400 285 772
Levälä stable (Levälän talli)
Address: Korkeakankaantie 26, 51900 Juva, Kankaankylä
+358 400 153 245

Marjokangas stable (Marjokankaan Talli)
Address: Hyötyyntie 216, 51900 Juva
+358 40 410 8189


Address: Yhdystie 3, 51900 Juva
+358 40 868 0519
Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-2pm

Movies / Cinema Juvan Kino

Address: Juvantie 20, 51900 Juva
Check upcoming movies from here:
Movies are in original language (except children movies), foreign movies with Finnish subtitles


Crosscountry ski-trails and routes in the winter time in Juva


Swimming and recreation center Sampola

Modern and light pool section, comfortable saunas, well-equipped gym.

Address: Hiihtäjäntie 3, 51900 Juva
tel. +358 400 135 061